Brad Graft

A Lion's ShareA Lion's Share--Coming Soon!

Prior to a major battle in the Middle East, Leander, a disenchanted Crusader, surrenders to Muslim amirs, declaring his wish to join the revered Bahri Mamluks. In doing so the young Frenchman avoids the mass slaughter suffered by the Christian alliance and soon earns himself a place with the elite cavalry regiment, serving the Sultan of Egypt. Yet once King Louis IX of France seeks vengeance and sets Cairo as the objective of his campaign, Leander is faced with combat against his native people in defense of his new homeland and religion.

When the Bahri's adored sultan dies and Leander becomes tangled in forbidden love with an Egyptian woman, his world unravels further. As the Mamluks seize rule for themselves, a rivalry between opposing regiments turns bloody and the newly-formed "Mamluk Sultanate" tumbles into chaos, with Leander and his mates scrambling not only for position within the realigned empire, but also for their lives.

A Lion's Share is the second book in the Brotherhood of the Mamluks trilogy. Set during the 13th century, the tale is a bold portrayal of the Seventh Crusade from the Egyptian perspective and an intense depiction of life within the Mamluk system--a Muslim institution largely unheard of in the West, whose ranks ousted the Crusaders and Mongols from the Levant, preserving Islam.

A Lion's Share will be available in the summer of 2019, published by The Sager Group, a multi-media artists' and writers' consortium.