Brad Graft


Chains of Nobility: "The text abounds with evocative portrayals... Excitingly illuminates an ancient class of warriors."

A Lion's Share: "This Muslim war tale delivers gripping action scenes... A time of nearly unthinkable conflict is vividly brought to life." 

Kirkus Reviews

“Graft nimbly inserts the reader into the world and mindset of the medieval jihadi. From the Russian steppe to inside the citadel walls, he takes us where Mamluks are made and loyalty between comrades is sealed."

Steven Pressfield
Bestselling author of The Legend of Bagger Vance, The Warrior Ethos and Gates of Fire 

Chains of Nobility is a harrowing tale of comradeship and combat, providing an in-the-saddle look at the process of creating Mamluks—early Islam's military elite. A great piece of work."

Nathaniel Fick
Former Marine Officer and NY Times bestselling author of One Bullet Away: The Making of a Marine Officer

“A gripping saga of brotherhood and devotion, Chains of Nobility is a must-read for military history buffs. Author Brad Graft enlightens us on the little-known reason behind Medieval Islam’s triumphs during the Middle Ages: nomadic youth enslaved by the descendants of Saladin and sharpened into the spear tip of Muslim armies.”

Michael Franzak
Former Marine pilot and author of A Nightmare’s Prayer, winner of the 2012 Colby Award

"In Chains of Nobility, Graft displays an exceptional writing style that captures the emotions, and often the harsh environment, in which the action is occurring. An enjoyable read."

— Ron Christmas

Lieutenant General, U.S. Marine Corps and past President/CEO, Marine Corps Heritage Foundation

"Chains of Nobility and A Lion's Share are rare finds in medieval historical fiction: novels that entertain, while aptly recreating the Mameluk ethos and their era. I am grateful for Graft's work. His academic approach captures the history; his military background and fine writing skills bring these vital stories to life."

-- Mahmoud Sabit

Historian, filmmaker and authority on Egypt's Mameluk Period and 19th century political reforms

". . . An exacting, dramatic and absorbing look at a world most readers have never encountered, not in books, movies or history class:  military slavery in the Middle East during the 13th century.

— Mardi Link
Award-winning author and freelance writer, Traverse City Record Eagle, March, 2019 

"The author has created an intriguing and believable world from ancient ideas, settings and characters, a masterful job of both history and fiction."

--Military Writers Society of America Review